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Currently Cheshire main source of funding is through contributions from well-wishers, fundraising initiatives and designated funding for CBR program from partners based on signed MoA. There is no funding from the Government except for 8 teachers who are paid for by the state.

  • The Provincial Governments and the members of parliament to become the principle funding partners in supporting Cheshire’s interventions and expansions into their respective provinces/electorates
  • We work in partnership with Corporate, Government departments, Churches, NGOs, Individuals to support the work we do for the benefits of Persons with Disabilities and to foster their social development.
  • There is need for more Government involvement and support for such programs through the NGOs, CBOs that are supplementing the work of Government in promoting Inclusive Development.
  • Digicel Foundation: CBR in NCD
  • UNICEF: Education and CBR in NCD and 3 other provinces
  • CBM: Health and Education activities in NCD
  • NCD: Education and Respite Care Activities in NCD
  • Department of Education: Paying for 8 teachers’ salaries and provides annual TFF
  • There are a number of food and non-food items sponsors on a monthly and ad hoc basis for the Respite Care and Protection. They include corporate, individuals, church groups and friends who are PNG nationals and foreign nationals


  1. Inadequate funds to support training, assistive devices and provide revolving funds for Self-Help Groups formed (SHGs)
  2. Limited human resource capacity in disability sector across PNG amid increasing population of PWDs most of whom have not been reached due to remoteness/social and physical barriers of their locations.
  3. Stigma-Traditional beliefs on disabilities preventing families from seeking rehabilitation services.
  4. Unfulfilled implementation plans in Disability Policy, Health and Education Plans.

Way Forward

  1. The Government, the Political Leadership, to become more involved and to channel resources and funds to support CBR and SHGs initiatives aimed at empowering communities to become self-reliant through their National, Provincial, and District Development funds.
  2. Leaders, communities, families to become more responsive, supportive and to uphold the rights of PWDs.
  3. Development partners, well-wishers, business communities, Corporate Foundation to contribute to the social development for persons with disabilities through funding, training and technical support in partnership with disability service providers.

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