Department of Education.


As a department of Government,Plays a central role in supporting the Inclusive Education Resource Center by:1. Assisting Cheshire with recruitment of qualified teachers,2. pays for teachers salaries,provides complimentary operational grants as well as  perfomance monitoring of teachers to enhance quality of education.It is along term partnership with a worthy cause


Digicel Foundation


A critical partner since 2012.Funding the successful  Community Based Rehabilitation Project currently being implemented in the entire NCD  and supporting over 300 persons with disabilities and working with over 1000 families.Has funded a unique double classroom for CWDs which is accesble and of it's on kind in PNG


National Capital District Commission


Through the supportive Governor,Hon. Powes Parkop,NCDC provides counterpart funding to Cheshire PNG together with Digicel Foundation for the implementation of CBR programme within NCD.







Scholarships PNG Facility


A partner in Human Resources Development and capacity building through Australian Award scholarships opportunities which has benefitted over 8 staff of Cheshire and 3 youth with disabilities under the Cheshire's Young Voices Project.Provides small grants to support critical gaps within the organization.





















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