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The clients and or beneficiaries are managed under the different programs in which they receive the service needed. Cheshire keeps records in file, and is monitored from a Database-Master List. Different clients with different disabilities, have different needs. They all come from different backgrounds, adults, youth and children with disabilities. Most of these clients are from the indigenous communities, and urban settlement areas. Teams from the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and Inclusive Education (IE) program work in these communities Hanuabada, Vabukori/Taikone, Mahuru, Morata 1-4, Wildlife, 8-14 mile. The Physiotherapy Clinic and Outreach program sees clients from the suburban areas Hohola, Tokara, Waigani, Gerehu etc. those that are not covered by the CBR and IE programs respectively.

The clients in the communities are visited weekly (3 days), while the physiotherapy clinic sees clients once weekly (every Thursdays). The physiotherapist, field workers and teachers visit clients in their homes, providing therapy, rehabilitation exercises and those children that are fit for school, are also seen by the teacher. The field workers are trained basic physiotherapy, where they move house to house conducting awareness, transferring skills to the parents etc.

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